Christmas Flash Mob
Hallelujah Chorus | 2010

Unsuspecting shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch when a flash mob of vocalists began belting out a Christmas hymn in a Niagara Falls mall cafeteria. The video, filmed on November 13, 2010, has gone viral and gathered over five million views on YouTube. The stunt was organized by photographer Jennifer Blakeley, of Alphabet Photography Inc., with 80 singers from Hallelujah Chorus without any conductor.

Jack's Lament
Danny Elfman | 1993

Tim Burton's ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is an animated movie musical about the abduction of Christmas by the denizens of Halloween land, and Elfman sings the part of Jack, the Pumpkin King. Danny Elfman, has scored many of Tim Burton's imaginative films and is a perfect musical partner for the somewhat macabre director.

Ezekiel 25:17
Pulp Fiction | 1994

Jules (Samuel Jackson) ritually recites what he describes as a biblical passage before he executes someone. The text indicates that God's wrath is retribution for the hostility of the Philistines. In the King James version from which Jules's speech is adapted, Ezekiel 25:17 reads in its entirety, ‘And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them’. Film directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Why Don't You Do Right
Who Framed Roger Rabbit | 1988

Jessica's look in this film of Robert Zemeckis, was based on several movie femme fatales: Red, Tex Avery's vixen as well as Rita Hayworth in Gilda, Lauren Bacall, Gene Tierney in Laura, Lana Turner and Veronica Lake. To give Jessica's ample bosom an unusual bounce, her supervising animator Russell Hall reversed the natural up-down movements of her breasts as she walked. Jessica's speaking voice was performed by Kathleen Turner, and singing voice by Amy Irving.

Mr. Hulot's Holiday
Jacques Tati | 1953

This film (original title: Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot) marks the first appearance of Jacques Tati's iconic character, Monsieur Hulot. He goes on a holiday to a seaside resort, but accidents and misunderstandings follow him where ever he goes. The peace and quiet of the hotel guests don't last very long with Hulot around, because although his intensions are good, they always turn out catastrophically.