Peter Nalitch

This funny amateur clip was made by the russian Peter Nalitch in 2008 and published on YouTube. Without any commercial promotion it was watched more than one million times and became highly popular. On November 2008 he presented his first album and in 2010 Peter Nalitch & Friends represented Russia on Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, with the song ‘Lost and forgotten’.


Videoclip of the title track ‘Grounding’ taken from the 2006 Langoth album Grounding. Langoth is a multicutural open band based in Vienna, Austria. They are devolopping a sound melting cooking with playing: remix is such as cooking!

Rock Bottom Riser
McNeil & Cook

Smog's (Bill Callahan) music video for ‘Rock Bottom Riser’ of the album ‘A River Ain't Too Much To Love’. Directed by Paul McNeil & Brendan Cook and produced by Picturedrift.

Lagrimas Negras
Bebo and Cigala

‘Lágrimas Negras’ (Black Tears) is a collaborative effort between the octogenarian Cuban piano master Bebo Valdés and the reigning Spanish flamenco cantador, Dieguito El Cigala. Recorded for Fernando Trueba and Nat Chediak's Calle 54 label, the sessions took place in Madrid between September and December 2002.

Resonant Chamber
Wayne Lytle | Animusic

Animusic is the creation, passion and sole occupation of a programmer/composer named Wayne Lytle, who has spent over a decade perfecting this extremely nichey art form. What's wild about the process is that his proprietary, custom-written software called Animusic Studio, generates the animation automatically –that is, manipulates the fingers, hammers and pluckers of the robots– when fed the MIDI file of his music.