Pipe Dream
Wayne Lytle | Animusic

Animusic is the creation, passion and sole occupation of a programmer/composer named Wayne Lytle, who has spent over a decade perfecting this extremely nichey art form. What's wild about the process is that his proprietary, custom-written software called Animusic Studio, generates the animation automatically –that is, manipulates the fingers, hammers and pluckers of the robots– when fed the MIDI file of his music.

Cement Mixer
Slim Gaillard

A rare kinescope of "Slim" Gaillard, a talented musician who performs several songs, both on piano & guitar, including his hit, ‘Cement Mixer’ (Put-Ti-Put-Ti). Gaillard (1916-1991) was an American jazz singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist. He could play several instruments, and always managed to turn the performance from hip jazz to comedy: he would play the guitar with his left hand fretting from the top of the neck, or would play credible piano solos with his palms facing up.

What A Wonderful World
Raymond Crowe

Hand shadows performance, tribute to the music of Louis Armstrong, by Raymond Crowe.

Wall-painted animation

MUTO is an ambiguous animated short film by Blu, painted on public walls in Buenos Aires and Baden. The title plays on the Italian word muto which means both ‘mute’ and ‘mutate’ (assistance: Sibe; production: Mercurio Film and music: Andrea Martignoni).

Offencive drawing
Maurício Ricardo | Brazil

A not enough to be porn music clip edited by Maurício Ricardo for the brazilian song ‘Ao Mestre, com carinho’ from Os Seminovos.