Olivier Beaudoin

Minimalistic animation typographic animation directed by Olivier Beaudoin (music by Ratatat).

Boca and Ryan Uhrich

What is typography? Here is a nice lesson from the Vancouver film school, directed and animated by Boca and Ryan Uhrich.

Trusted Computing story
Lafkon Publishing | 2005

An animated short documentary film about Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) written, directed and animated by Benjamin Stephan and Lutz Vogel. Voiceover by Christian Hoening.

Mistabishi’s Printer Jam
Kenny Frankland

Kenny Frankland (Tin Spider), Manchester-based 3D animator, created a really cool animated music video for the drum'n'bass song ‘Printer Jam’ by Mistabishi from their album ‘Drop’ (Hospital Records). He visualises the lunatic kinetic genius of Mistabishi’s Printer Jam with technical virtuosity and wit, and also illustrates what we’ve all long suspected. Those bloody things have a bloody mind of their own.