I'm Here
Spike Jonze | 2010

The latest short film from director Spike Jonze, ‘I'm Here’ gives an interesting look at an alternative world, where robotic humanoids live and work alongside the regular population. A sci-fi romance, a miniature gem, involving, engaging, thrilling and uplifting. Jonze once again proves his cinematic brilliance, giving us a fantastic viewing experience, and one which promises to remain in mind for a long time.

Jérémy Clapin | 2008

Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself. Unique, compelling and clever – what more could you want from an animated short?

Moving On
Nick Cave, Warren Ellis | 2007

From the ‘should have been Oscar winning’ original score of ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’. Nick Cave has proved a remarkably effective soundtrack composer, mostly because his movie music is not much different from his rock music based in American roots, doleful pianos, mournful acoustic guitars and keening fiddles (provided by co-composer Warren Ellis). In this song, the sorrow, the tragedy, and, in the end, the pity of ‘The Assassination’ is amply enhanced by Cave's score.

Μετακόμιση (Moving House)
Lena Platonos | 2009

Lena Platonos is a Greek musician, pianist and electronic music composer. She was one of the pioneers in the Greek electronic music scene of the 80s and remains active until the present day. Her latest record was released in 2008 and is titled Ημερολόγια (Diaries) from where is this awarded (Cyprus International Film Festival 2009) video clip. Apart from the music she also deals with painting and miniatures and has exhibited her work at times.

Church's arrival | 2007

The 660-tonne stone Emmaus church from 13th century was transported from Heuersdorf –a small German town near Leipzig, abandoned due to the development of nearby coal mine– to the nearby town of Borna. Over the course of the 12 Km distance the special loader was required to maintain a snail's pace as it traversed two rivers and two railway crossings, passed under numerous high-voltage cables and wound its way through narrow streets –a logistical masterpiece. 85,000 people followed with increasing enthusiasm. The cost? Only 3 million euros!