Light, more light!



the art director
is the person
that unifies the vision

Our job is to translate ideas, moods, messages, concepts and needs into imagery. For advertising, we work closely with other creative professionals and clients to solidify the product of a collective imagination, we resolve inconsistencies, we infuse beauty and visual appeal into marketing sense.

Be it within large groups or small teams, be it for a large organization or an ambitious startup that wants to make a statement, our job is to assist you in showing things differently.

get to know
the art director

Christopher Adam, a veteran graphic designer and art director, has been creating inspired artwork since the 80s. Born in 1963, Christopher studied Mathematics at the University of Thessaloniki, to be soon won over by the wonderful world of visual communication and design.

A prolific creator, tireless worker, pioneer instructor, and avid computer user, Christopher has been and still is a mentor to young talent, he conceived Thessaloniki's first publication on computer-aided graphic design and created more logos, posters, books, leaflets, campaigns, annual reports, cd covers and other such stuff, than he can remember.